SLS Lifetime Membership

Mint 0.85 ETH ($1000) per SLS Lifetime Membership. Public sale is live!

Success Life Society

A collection of 250 NFTs that will give lifetime access to SLS

The vision of SLS is to create a global educational community that focuses on creating an environment that allows people to excel in all aspects of life. The three pillars of SLS are Career, Investing, and Fitness.

Total Supply : 250
Team allocation : 10%
Price : 0.34 ETH
Max Mint per wallet : 2
Mint Date : April 25th 4PM Whitelist / April 26th 4PM Public Sale


  • Lifetime membership to SLS never pay again for Discord community access

  • Access to all of Beez educational material for free

  • Free entry to the annual SLS Conference (starting 2023)

  • Access to the BWA Crypto Algorithm trading bot

  • Access to the Genesis NFT Bot

  • Exclusive Lifetime member in person events and dinners

  • Giveaways

  • All SLS Discord standard features

SLS Founder

Symoné B. "Beez"

Hey I'm Beez, a former software engineer and radar engineer who retired from corporate at age 29. Crypto investor since 2017 who is passionate about helping other people become crypto native and financially literate through SLS.

SLS Team


Tech Professional with over 6 years in the industry. Investor, Entrepreneur & Consultant.


Whit is a Product Management leader with over 15 years experience launching digital products for enterprise companies. She holds her MBA from the University of Iowa and loves attending Hawkeye games with family and friends.


Yo I'm Amillz. By day I work in corporate and also by day I’m a crypto degen. Joined SLS a while back to get deeper into tech and have since found a dope community of people here. In my off-time I enjoy exploring new restaurants and listening to music.


"Good luck can be enticed by accepting opportunity"When Tomio isnt helping out members in discord, you can find her sipping on Whiskey reading the latest wp, playing video games or spending time with her nieces & nephews.

Big Skeebo

Aiming to bring the best analysis of current crypto market conditions for the SLS squad. One play at a time


I’m CLG, you can find me in the SLS stocks chat. I’m an Econ teacher, and I love talking about the global economy and financial markets. I’m a trader and long term investor.


IndianaTheGreat is currently employed as a Data Scientist in the Tech industry, and has been in crypto since 2017. He in enjoys travel and exploration, learning about new technologies and how our world works, and is a big Star Wars fan. If you ever have questions or need advice you'll be able to find him on discord or twitter.


Abigail is a travel enthusiast who's visited 5 continents solo. She loves to showcase luxury and efficiency by sharing travel tips and inspiration through her brand, The Lady Who Travels.


I’m a Father, entrepreneur and trader. I believe anything is possible with hard work and dedication.


Q: What wallet can I use to mint?
A: Metamask Wallet only
Q: What Crypto do I need to purchase the lifetime NFT?
Q: Can I purchase using dollars?
No, but you can fund your Metamask Wallet using dollars to buy Etheruem
Q: I don't have any crypto how do I purchase the NFT?
A: First you want to download Metamask. Then you want to click "Buy" . Purchase .4 ETH to have enough in your wallet for gas. Click here to view how to video.
Q: How do I see my NFT?
A: Connect your wallet to then visit your profile to see your NFT.

Q: How do I use my NFT in the SLS Discord?
A: Go to the #verify channel to verify your ownership of the NFT and unlock it's utility. A link to the discord can be found at the bottom of this page or the SLS Lifetime opensea page.

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